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Ono culture
AoNuo's Culture
Quality first, abide by credibility, determined to innovate
Our spirit

Be sincere enough to be open to gold and stone

Management idea

People-oriented, dedication to society, fully explore the potential of members, realize their own value, and strive to achieve success as employees, enterprises and society.

Principle of cooperation

Adhere to the principle of openness and cooperation. Adopt open technical standards and platform strategies, integrate resources of all parties, establish extensive cooperative alliances on the basis of mutual benefit, and form a brand-new industrial ecological environment.

Service principle

Innovation: a team with innovative spirit, innovative technology and application solutions, innovative market strategy, innovative management model, creatively meet the needs of users. Professional: become an expert in the field, familiar with the customer environment, understand the needs of customers, with a professional spirit, to provide customers with professional service.